Bi-Level Rail Commuter Vehicle


  Client: Bombardier (formerly Hawker Siddeley, Canada Ltd.) Description: This is a photograph of the GO (Government of Ontario) transit implementation of this design. These vehicles are now used all over the U.S.A and Canada by different transit authorities. Some of these applications include: Cal Train in San Francisco Altimont Commuter Express (ACE) in San Jose, MetroLink in Los Angeles, The Coaster in San Diego, Florida East coast, Vancouver and others. The… Read More



Client: MBTA (Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority) Description: Designed the interior and exterior.  

Zebra Motors


  Client: Zebra Motors  Description: Jim Shook was a founder and Director of Engineering and Design for this electric car company that was ahead of it’s time. This car had an aluminum chassis and fiberglass body.  

Mid Engine Concept Car


Client: Shook Design Description: This is a Concept Car to showcase the capabilities of Shook Design. It has a custom built chassis and suspension and a Toyota MR2 engine. This is a tandem seating two passenger vehicle. The above photographs represent: a. the 1/5 scale model, b. the full size clay model from which fiberglass molds will be made, 3. the chassis and drive train in progress.

Concept Car


Client: Shook Design Description: A fabric bodied car. This concept was presented to Mitsubishi in June 2008. The fabric covering would save weight, improve damage resistance and repair. There would be large space between the fabric and the structural frame creating a permanent perimeter airbag. Three months after Shook Design released this concept, BMW also presented their design for a fabric covered car.

1977 Firebird


    Client: General Motors Pontiac Division Description: This front end was a milestone in the industry being made totally of impact absorbing materials. Almost all cars now follow this method.    

1979 Firebird


Client: General Motors Pontiac Division Description: This was the first car with an impact absorbing front to take cooling air in through the bumper impact zone.

Formula 1 Side Car Racing Body


Land Speed Record Vehicles


  Client: Jack Costella Projects: Land speed record cars and motorcycles Over the past 25 years, Jim Shook has helped Jack Costella design and build many record breaking land speed record cars and motorcycles (over 40 records broken). The car above holds many records and is the worlds fastest 4 cylinder car.

Land Speed Record Roadster


  Client: Barrington Tea Description: Body Design for Land Speed Record Roadster.