Shook Design Inc. is the brainchild of Jim Shook, a veteran industrial designer with over 25 years of award winning thinking in high-tech, transportation, industrial and consumer goods. Jim has gathered a small group of professionals committed to demonstrating that there is room for continuous innovation, even for products that most of us consider standard and unassuming. Their philosophy is to assert that there is always a fresh perspective to what we consider ordinary. For products that are used in everyday life, that perspective embodies a unique, stylistic flair that enhances functionality with elegant engineering.

As a professor at San Jose State and The Academy of Art University, Jim can bring in the best and most creative students to help on the projects. This results in a unique combination of enthusiastic creativity combined with Jim’s years of experience and also results in a cost benefit for our clients.

This practical innovation often results in valuable Intellectual Property and a unique market appeal for our clients’ products.